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Welcome to Animal-based Healing

Find pain relief through movement and nutrition. 


     Welcome!  My name is Bryan Mashburn.  I have 18 year's experience as a personal trainer.  I enjoy every minute helping people meet their personal fitness goals.  About 10 months ago I found the carnivore diet. Truth be told, I started this way of eating so I could "get jacked."  Little did I know it would change my life completely.  The carnivore diet changed my mood, my energy, my thoughts, my actions, and most importantly, changed my relationship with God.  

     With all the clarity I have now, I realize my calling is to help people heal through movement and nutrition.  I want to help you become pain free, strong and most of all I want you to thrive in every part of your life.   With proper movement and nutrition, you will be able to honor a lifelong commitment with your body to not give up on it, to give it what it truly needs, to make peace with your limitations, and be at peace with yourself.  My promise to you is I will be there to guide you through that process.


Tucson, Arizona


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